My Day Starts with a Walk

Today is the Season 5 release of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. As much as I want to lounge in my nightgown and finally see if Daya had the guts to shoot the sicko officer Humphrey... I say "No." 

Sitting on the side of my bed, at 7:30 a.m., I gulp down the last drops of my Aquafina from the night before and rummage through my all social media on my gold iPhone SE.

At 8 something in the morning, I get up and throw on my lame, ill fitting workout gear from Forever 21. I've have them for a few years, and I'm overdue for a workout gear revamping. Nevertheless, I get the wear out of the gear that I have. I plan to sweat in it after all.

I head to the kitchen to make my version of a vegan pre-workout drink-- A proper fruit smoothie, with cinnamon and flaxseed. 

I drank about 2 cups of yummy goodness.

Heading over to the door, I slip into my already tied black sneakers from the lovely "Wallie Mart."  My Five Below workout band is now around my waist, and I put my keys and "gubment" ID in the zip up pocket. Before setting my iPhone to play my Spotify tunes, I remember my beautiful, cold water bottle.

I would totally buy more.😍

A prissy, yet elegantly shaped, gold metal canteen with silver twist cap. It's from S'well. I shake my head as I remember how I stupidly made the impulse purchase at a shop in the Denver International Airport last year. $45 for a reusable water bottle. So dumb.

I reassure myself I made a good investment for the millionth time this year, and finally, I pop in my earbuds, and I'm ready to go.


Harvard Health says walking for a little over 2 hours a week can lower your chances of getting heart disease, diabetes, stroke and a whole other slew of ailments killing us in America.

But, I'm an over achiever. Everyday, for the last week  I've been walking at minimum 2 hours. Each day. 2 hours. To me that's all the things to write home about. All of it!

I am especially proud for not quitting after a week, as I usually do with new health goals. Last week, I was able to walk 5 miles each day for 2 hours.

Today? I've gotten a lot faster, and to be frank, I'm quite impressed with myself. I almost never show a flinch of arrogance in everyday life. But, you might too if you looked you your iPhone and see that MyFitnessPal logged you down for a 7 mile walk. That's a record I have to beat! 

 Gotta love a screenshot.


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