So, here we are at the start of June. I have 30 days, minus 8, to until I have to be back at work. Flying domestic and international routes like a happy little trolley dolly. Summers are busy for us flight attendants and I intend to return from my 6 week hiatus fully rested, and primed for travel. 

Growing up in the emerald isles of the balmy Caribbean, I always imagined doing something more. Seeing more. There's so much out there for us to grasp. Why stay confined to my tiny island of St. Thomas? 

Time and time again, I have found myself gravitating to aviation for one reason or another. My first introduction was by my long time love, B. He suggested I take a look into flying even though a career with one of America's major airlines was his big dream. Yet, here I am living it up as though the dream were my own.

Look at those eyes. Can you tell how much I loved this gig?

I've only been flying for a little over 3 years in total. Originally, I flew with an amazing regional out of Minneapolis, Minnesota back in 2012. Had I not wanted to leave to finish my college education, I'd still be flying for them now. I left after a year and half, however to pursue the family trade. Nursing.

I grew so much in this role and learned a lot about my strength, reliance, & compassion.

Studying at work? No wonder I burned out!

I was good at what I did in a nursing technician role. My colleagues admitted they looked forward to having me on the shift. While my patients couldn't wait for me to be back. My short career in healthcare has a special place in my heart. But I was certainly burnt out after 3 years of full time school and full time work in varying specialties. Geriatrics and long-term care. Medical-surgical and telemetry. Intensive care and pediatrics. I had little tastes of each and by the end of it all, I was done. I remember sitting on the unit one crazy night and saying to myself,

"I need to be somewhere else. Maybe Dubai, or somewhere in Korea."

I took an amazing solo trip to Seoul circa November 2016.

I mulled it over for a few days to make sure I hadn't gone mad. I had to be sure it wasn't just a bout boredom. It wasn't. I'd just realized that I needed to be somewhere. Anywhere in time and space, but my usual, mundane routine. The urge was there. The thoughts were pressing,

"Why don't I go back to flying?"

Interview pep talk: "Look at that face. Wouldn't you hire me?"

As soon as I ended my shift, rather than sleeping, I got online and started applying to all the big name companies. Delta. American. United. You name it. I was desperate to get up there in that claustrophobia-inducing metal tube once again.  Now, here am I. One year (and some months) later. This chick is back at it again. Only this time, I'm not as fit as the first go around. And for me, that's a bit frightening...


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